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The Copywriters Consortium is a connecting organization that brings together a diverse community of writers who promote and elevate the practice of professional copywriting. Its members are professionals who have demonstrated a mastery of writing engaging and excellent copy in the modern landscape. We aim to ensure that the most relevant standards of practice are included in a regularly reviewed and updated Body of Knowledge by seeking member representation from leading corporate and academic settings.

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We are currently working on the 2023 Copywriters Body of Knowledge

The Consortium is currently seeking to fill the following roles as we prepare the 2023 Copywriters Body of Knowledge.\

  • (6) Content Contributors

  • (1) Editors

  • (3) Advisory Board Members

  • (Unlimited) Exam Content Authors

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The Copywriter's Consortium and Artificial Intelligence

Seeing a huge opportunity for our members to leverage the rapidly growing toolset in the world of generative AI, the 2023 CBOK will integrate standards for the use of AI in the professional writing space.

Our relentless focus on practice, standards and credentialing allows us to remain laser focused on adding value to the professional writing community and the constituents that we serve.