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Contributors to The Copywriters Body of Knowledge

Qualified professionals, academics and students may submit a resume to be considered for any of the multiple roles below.

For each of the domains in the Body of Knowledge, we will need a content creator to research, illustrate and generate the core content under each domain.  A single contributor may choose to be the primary author for up to three domains (but not more).

Professional opportunity: May add “2023 CBOK Contributor” to resumes, Linkedin and professional promotional materials.

The CBOK Reviewers will be provided with the opportunity to review the draft content of the CBOK and provide input to the editors.

Professional opportunity: Will be listed in the CBOK as content reviewer.

The CBOK Editor will serve as one of two editors to edit and organize the domain content for style, consistency and readability.

Professional opportunity: Will be listed on the cover of the CBOK (which will be available at online booksellers) as one of two editors of the publication.  This editorial title may also be used in resumes, Linkedin and professional promotional materials.


After all of the above phases are complete, we will be seeking two, paid advisory board seats (one of which will be an appointed chair) to assist in the growth and development of this community until the end of 2024. Specifics will be posted closer to the date when the board is formally established. Volunteer advisory board positions will be open to those who can provide demonstrable professional or academic contributions to the consortium.


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Interested and qualified candidates should inquire by sending their resumes with a paragraph about their particular skills and specifics about their  interest in contributing.  Please send your best contact information, cover letter and resume to:

Authors & Reviewers

Information for Authors 

Editors will regularly be contacting potential contributors for the Copywriters Body of Knowledge. In coordination with Editors, authors should follow these current Guidelines for Contributors (pdf) as they prepare their Topic for submission. The Guidelines are updated regularly, so make sure you consult the current version.

Style, Tone, and Length

The Copywriters Body of Knowledge is an authoritative reference work suitable for use by professionals and students in the field of geographic information science and its technologies, as well as by all others interested in these and related topics. Submissions should be scholarly, written with the highest of professional standards, and accessible to a wide audience. A key goal of each entry is to provide “core” information and communicate it well so that others will be able to teach about that topic. Authors should minimize the use of jargon and introduce technical terms in plain or previously defined language. Technical entries will be expected to include definitions of the technical terms used. Each “domain” should consist of 6-12 sections, and each section should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words (inclusive of all of the required elements). 

Entry Revision

The CBOK covers a dynamic topic that evolves rapidly. New Topics will be added during revision periods (anticipated every 2 years), and out of date content will be archived during these revisions. 

Information for Reviewers 

The Copywriters Consortium is committed to ensuring that the content it publishes is current, authoritative, and useful to educators and scholars worldwide. Entries within this publication are not traditional journal articles. Instead, they are intended to be succinct descriptions of each domain with an eye to both the relevance of the domain within the broader world of professional copywriting and the ways in which this domain can be studied and understood. The authoritative character of each domain draws from the knowledge that each subject-matter expert provides as its author, rather than by it being an exhaustive or comprehensive coverage of every topical detail.  Please keep this perspective in mind as you conduct your review.

We are very grateful for all contributions to this effort. Thank you!  If you are interested in being a contributor for a CBOK domain, please email

CBOK Editors

Editorial Policies 

Copyright and Licensing Information 

Assignment of Copyright. Due to the ever-evolving nature of our publication, authors contributing Topics to the Copywriters Body of Knowledge assign the copyright to their Topics to the Copywriters Consortium. This copyright will apply to topics that are in the current and archived versions of the CBOK, and to any future revisions or updates to topics that an author contributes. The CBOK will always acknowledge the authors through their name and preferred affiliation in each and every of its published Topics. Pursuant to this copyright assignment, The Copywriters Consortium has a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide right to copy, distribute, transmit and publish the Topics and any and all derivative works prepared or modified by the author or the Editors from the original contribution, in whole or in part, by any variety of methods on all types of publication and electronic media, now known or hereafter invented. Copyright of the CBOK itself is held by The Copywriters Consortium. All rights are reserved. 

Licensing Agreement. The Copywriters Consortium grants to authors a non-exclusive license to reproduce excerpted selections of their entry or entries in print, and to share these “selections” of their contributions on their personal or professional website or other research distribution sites, as long as the full citation is included on the document, and as long as the reproduction use case does not exceed 33.33% (⅓) of an individual domain section.  Therefore, if a domain section is 2000 words long, the excerpt reproduction may not exceed 667 words. These excerpted selections must also exist within the context of a separate, relevant topical composition.  In no case may an excerpted selection reproduce elements serially in order to share, in the sum of their parts, the larger composition, nor may they be reproduced in any manner that violates the expectation that the contents of the CBOK be available exclusively through their formal publication.

If and when an entry or entries are reproduced, the author must provide attribution to The Copywriters Consortium by means of a citation to the CBOK.  The Copywriters Consortium grants to authors a non-exclusive license to prepare derivative (though not reproductive) works of their entries and ideas and to publish those in print, or on the Internet and the World Wide Web, including any future technologies or media that develop to supplement or replace the Internet or World Wide Web, subject to the terms of this Licensing Agreement. If and when a derivative work is produced from an author’s entry, the author must provide attribution to The Copywriters Consortium by means of a citation to the CBOK. 

Statement of Liability and Indemnity.  All authors are responsible for securing permission to use any copyrighted material, including graphics, quotations, and photographs, within their entries. The Editors and Members of the Editorial Board, and the members of The Copywriters Consortium Board of Directors and its officers, trustees, agents and employees (“Consortium Parties”) disclaim any and all responsibility for copyright violations and any other form of liability arising from the content of the CBOK contributed by any of the authors, or from any material linked to the CBOK. Authors agree to indemnify and hold the Consortium Parties harmless from any claims of copyright infringement or other alleged wrongdoing in connection with the author's entry or entries.

Take Down Policy. Every effort has been made by the individual contributing authors to discover and contact copyright holders of artwork and content used in the CBOK. To the extent that a copyright holder could not be found or an inadvertent permissions or copyright error was made, The Consortium stands ready to remove content upon notice and request by a valid copyright holder. 

Terms of Use 

The Copywriters Consortium will maintain both current and archived versions of the CBOK.. The CBOK may not be reprinted, reproduced, stored, or utilized in any form, by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including printing, photocopying, saving (on disk), broadcasting or recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, other than for purposes of fair use, without written permission from The Copywriters Consortium.  If you have any questions about what constitutes fair use of the CBOK content, or about licensing this content, contact The Copywriters Consortium.

These author guidelines were adapted from the author guidelines for the GIS&T BOK.